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markerBarnet Chicken Coop Project
In developing a plan to build a coop, and raising chickens at school, students examine first hand topics such as genetic traits, populations statistics and basic animal husbandry.  1 page plan

markerHyde Park Elementary Natural Obstacle Course
Students are working with natural resource experts from North Branch Nature Center and Green Mountain Career and Technical Center to design and build a natural obstacle course, working together to enhance their school forest for the enjoyment of their whole community. 1 page plan
markerLakeview Union Understanding By Design:  Building a Shelter
Students design and build a structure for their playground that offers shade and shelter while learning about engineering principles.  They will explore architectural contributions throughout history and the best way to use forces and materials to meet engineering challenges. 1 page plan
markerMoretown Elementary Natural Playscapes Project
Moretown students work with community partners including the select board, development committee, a Master Gardener group and a local garden center on the design and construction of a new school/community playground. Helping students understand the democratic underpinnings of a publicly supported venture. 1 page plan
markerRoxbury Book, Cook and Grow Program
This project involves three steps to promote literacy and use of technology tools, healthy food choices, and sustainable food production.  Students will prepare recipes, create a cookbook and share recipes with the community.  Connection to the recipes by growing vegetable and cooking with them through a seed lending library. 1 page plan
markerWalden 7-8th Graders Photographs Space
Students research, photograph and teach other students and interested community members about Messier objects visible in the winter sky—with help from the Northern Skies Observatory in Peacham, and the Northeast Kingdom Astronomical Foundation. 1 page plan
markerHuman Geography: Hands-On, Community-Based, Service-Learning.
Thetford Academy l Steve Niederhauser l Social Studies Department
High schoool students work to map a community's heritage through oral histories. more
markerAn Oral History Unit
Peacham School l Cathy Browne
A standards-based unit using student intitiative to record local history from primary sources. more
markerA Photographic History
Burke School l Amanda Burger, Michelle Parker, and Shari Ross l Grades 7-8
Students use photographs as an inspiring primary resource, part of an interdisciplinary unit on the Passumpsic River. more
markerThe Bread Oven: Discovering a Quebec Bread Oven
People's Academy l Van Carr l Foreign Language Teacher
Making and using a traditional Quebec bread oven to meet community needs. This project took place over a several year period of study and included an inquiry into the local French-Canadian population. more
markerOur Community's Story
Washington Village School l Joelle Wheeler
Exploring the diversity of habitats and the interrelationships between humans and their environment. more
markerCommunity of Purpose Work
Multiple VRP Sites l Susan Bonthron
The use of a "community of purpose" process has helped create the connection between the school and the community that became crucial to the school-community vision. more
markerThe Northern Revolutionary Campaign: Teaching History Connected to Place
Burke School l Susan Bonthron w/ Burke teachers l Grades 7-8
Walking in the footsteps of their Vermont ancestors, the students weren’t the only ones who will never forget this experience of living history. more
markerOur People, Our Town: Change Over Time
Burke School l Tracie Surridge l Grade 4
Teaching a community unit on a shoe string budget. Firsthand exploration of students' local community. more
markerFirst, Make Friends: Service-Learning at Thetford Academy
Thetford Academy l Grades K-12
"Think globally. Act locally." This prescription for change has gone beyond bumper-sticker sentiment. more
markerThe Westward Movement: Would I Move From Vermont?
Wardsboro School l Cynthia L. Sheehan l Grades 3 and 4
Covering the Westward Movement Era from the late 1840s until the 1890s and follows up nicely for the fourth graders in the classroom who also studied Vermont Native Americans and the colonial period in Vermont up to the Civil War. more

markerComing to America
Peacham School, Grades 5-6
A unit designed to assist students in understanding the concept of movement and settlement. The unit specifically deals with immigration to the United States during the early 1900’s. Students look at their family history and migration to this country. more

markerRoxana's Children
Peacham School
In partnership with Valleyquest, this unit established a "treasure hunt" that teaches and shares the environmental and cultural history of a place. more
markerThat Was Then, This Is Now
Burke School l Jessica Simpson and Tracie Surridge l Grade 4
A comparison study of agriculture and schooling in Vermont between 1800 and 2002. more
markerUp, Down and Dirty
Exploring Birds and Amphibians in the Victory Bog more
markerPhysics Problem-Solving
Thetford Academy l Marc Chabot l Physics Teacher
Students work to create a prototypes of new devices or products that solve an educational or physical problem experienced by two intensive special needs students. Scientific principals are explored and applied. more
markerCommunity Video Project
Newark School l Grades 7/8
Exploring community life through video, this year long unit engages middle school students in the production of a community video documenting place based learning. more
markerGet a Life: Job Shadowing in the Community
Newark School l Grades 7/8
Each student works in a local organization one day a week for seven weeks. more
markerCommon Ground: A Therapy Dog Program
Newark School l Grades 7/8
Forging a relationship between students and older adults that also fosters relatons between the school and the community, in this case. It also addresses the area of student empowerment. more
markerZia Pueblo Student Exchange
Peacham School l Cathy Browne
Teacher's account of an exchange project between Zia Pueblo in New Mexico and Peacham School. more
markerFrom One Room Schools to One New School
Walden School l Susan Bonthron
Walden teachers, students and community members learn about their own history while transitioning to a unified local school. more
markerOne-Room School Restoration and Reenactment Project
Cabot School l J. David Book l Cabot Heritage Teacher
Service-learning at it's best, a project run by high school students and enjoyed by area students through guided visits and reenactments. more
markerCultural Literacy
Peacham School l Margaret McLean
Peacham School's efforts to connect school and community life. Peacham teachers have come to depend on their community volunteer partners through a shared effort to connect students the local culture and history. more
markerMini REAL
Peacham School
Real world problem solving, use of community resources, technology, and concern for the environment. more
markerProject 540
People's Academy l Dorinne Dorfman l Individualized Studies
Student leadership in action. The Project 540 Leadership Team at Peoples Academy is a powerful force of students committed to make the school a great place to be and learn. more

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