Tuning up our teaching:
A systematic, team approach to taking your skills to the next level
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"From Congenial to Collaborative:
With the right protocols, teachers can truly work together to improve their school"
by Margaret MacLean
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"Dig Into a Goldmine: Tools for Teacher Collaboration"
by Margaret MacLean
Teaching Matters: The Magazine of Spectrum Education
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"This for me was an excellent overview of the power of PLC’s to impact schools. Great concrete examples I can take away and use immediately.”
Scott Repicky, International School of Luxembourg

"Many core issues across systems and places are the same. We are not alone in this! An amazing experience in reflection, collaboration, communication and interaction."
Farah Khan, Karachi Grammar School,
Karachi, Pakistan

"Very useful session it gave me a lot of practical ideas i can use with my faculty."
Ian Clarke, Middle School Assistant Principal American Embassy School New Delhi India

“You are a seasoned presenter and we ALL respected your ability to lead us”
Betty Mason, Curriculum Director, Frankfurt International School, Germany

“The 3 schools that comprise my district have several issues that could be decided or resolved by the PLC processes you introduced us to. I am extremely interested in applying what I learned in my setting. Hopefully we will be able to host you at our site in the near future. Great job!”
Bob Esenberg, Principal
Universal American School, Kuwait

“Thank you for your leadership....These last two days have allowed me to think deeply about what i value in my own practice and how this impacts on others i work closely with and lead each day"
Meryl Siggs, Principal Elementary Division International School of Zug and Lucerne

“I really can’t wait to reflect on the learning I experienced and begin to apply it in my setting”
Suha Fasheh, IB Director
The Ahliyyah School for Girls, Amman, Jordan

"I want to thank you being such an approachable, friendly facilitator. You made me feel so comfortable. and it was so easy to approach you about anything. I have attended this conference twice before. This time I felt I brought back something substantial that could impact and actually implement"
Maimoona Farooq, Karachi Grammar School Karachi Pakistan

“These strategies which I have participated in during the last two days have opened my eyes to the needs teachers have for on going professional growth and have given me tools to help provide ongoing learning
opportunities for my teachers”
Anne Taffin S’Heursel Baldisseri, Pre School Principal St Pauls School San Paulo, Brazil

"We have definitely succeeded in establishing our own International CFG group! i don't have words to express how grateful i am for all the practical, philosophical and life lessons i have learned from the interactions of this group"
Keelin Swalve, Benjamin Franklin International School Barcelona Spain

“I am convinced this is the way to improve teaching and learning!”
Lori JLausher, IB Director
American School of Barcelona, Spain

“It is 4pm and I am so energized! The consultancy exercise we participated in was superb. Today has been so hands on and practical. I have so much to think about."
Silvome Tejon, ESSARP Argentina







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