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We support educators, community members, students, and policy-makersby by providingresources to implement and run successful programs, create engaging educational experiences, and build strong sustainable communities.

CWI. is a non profit educational organization.


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Community Works Journal
Online Magazine
community works journalis published online as a resource for teachers.Community Works Journal actively supports reflective documentation from the field with the intention of making the work of educators available in a shared public forum.The Journal is distributed digitally, regionally and nationally, to individual educators, networks and affiliated organizations. Available for download in PDF format.

"I’m so glad Community Works Journal has managed to survive so many years, especially in these difficult times...key reasons for its survival are the consistently high quality of the articles and their immediate usefulness to teachers.

"This is a resource that truly speaks to teachers with excellent, provocative ideas. I’ve been using articles from it in my own teaching of teachers on the graduate level for some time now and students always find those readings especially helpful. This is an important contribution to those of us who see the classroom and the school as inextricably linked to the life of the community.

"Thanks for keeping it going!"

Steve Seidel, Ed.D
Chair, Arts in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Director of Project Zero
Harvard Graduate School of Education

community works journal"In recent seminars for education and environment funders on community and place based education, I have highlighted Community Works Journal as one of the best articulations of the work in this new field.

"The synthesis of arts, environment, literature and cultural heritage work in the Journal reaches out to all segments of rural and urban communities."

David Sobel, Director of Teacher Certification
Antioch NE Graduate School
Author of Children's Special Places

Now available on-line at no cost, as a service to the educational community.

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physics projectThe Journal is written by educators and community partners, along with our own staff writers and contributing essayists. Community Works Journal, features essays and reflections accompanied by curriculum overviews that highlight the importance of place, service, and sustainability to a relevant and meaningful education.

: Print and Online Publications


Includes a NEW section on Education for Sustainability,
along with an expanded series of exemplars.

workbookConnecting Service Learning to the Curriculum:
A Workbook for Teachers and Administrators

PRICE: $29.95 USD8" x 10", 134 pages • ISBN-10: 0-971358346

IDEAL for Professional Development • Program Enhancement • Curriculum Planning

Inspire Engagement and Learning in Your School
Whether you in the start-up phase, working to enhance an existing service-learning program, or working to move beyond community service, CWI's Workbook and model for service-learning will support your efforts, at both the instructional and site level. learn more

Using this Book
Connecting Service-Learning to the Curriculum is ideal for school and program training events, and as an educator's
curriculum planning guide
and evaluation tool. It is also an excellent teaching and planning tool for use with older students.

Comprehensive and Effective
• A must have for any school serious about service-learning.
• Includes a NEW section on Education for Sustainability.
• Created by teachers for teachers.
• Coherently integrates service-learning and sustainability.
• Designed for K-16 and community educators.
• Tools and strategies for implementing school/campus wide.
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"Fabulous tools and tips!”
Anick Leclerc, Teacher
Gault Institute, Quebec
"Vocabulary, points of entry, excellent information and practical application. I feel like I can really get started and run with my own plan. Thank you all very much !!”
Tad Benedict, 4th Grade Lead Teacher
The Westminster Schools
Atlanta, Georgia
" my work training K-12 teachers. Nine out of ten teachers gravitate toward the CWI tools. I continuously return to materials from Community Works Institute.”
Valerie Sorgen, Service-Learning Coordinator
Youth Community Service
Palo Alto, California

Shadia and Amelia“The planning guides contained in Connecting Service-Learning helped our sub-grantees see into their own world....and then helped for them to communicate to us more about their real world.....By the time we finished, they understood their own successes and challenges much better, and felt the originally begrudged time was well spent, insightful and productive…that they were the better for it….what you have done for the service-learning community you may never be adequately rewarded for, but we thank you.”
Kurt Parks
Service-Learning Arizona
Career and Technical Education
Arizona Department of Education

PatchworkReal Teachers: True Stories of Renegade Educators By STUART GRAUER
PRICE $16.95 USD • 203 pages (pbk)

For a new teachers, Real Teachers, is a must read, and with haste before the educational system wears you into their decided groove. For veteran teachers (especially those in the public school arena) this book will restore faith in what you know is “real teaching” over the consistent drone of data driven instruction and assessments that dominates most school led professional dialogue. It is a book for all stakeholders invested in education including parents, administration and even students. When Real Teachers landed in my hands, I felt that uncanny feeling of finally being understood. Education’s rich history is currently being condensed to a very narrow and constricted agenda. Grauer talks about how the educational system has succumbed to this rush for standardization in an effort to create equity in education, but in doing so much has been lost.  CWI completely subscribes to his sentiment that it is time for “a slow education” movement. read full review

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PatchworkPatchwork: Stories of Gardens and Community
PRICE $9.95 USD10 x 8 ”,36 pages (pbk)

offers an inspired collection of vignettes that explore the reasons why people choose to garden together in community. The book includes first person oral histories from ten Burlington, Vermont community gardeners representing a diversity of cultural perspectives. Gathered by Beret Halverson, the gardeners' stories are accompanied by photographs taken by Jim Flint. Editor's journal entries and several pages of resources provide a helpful guide for those interested in learning how to start and sustain a community or youth garden.

"The stories in Patchwork illustrate the rich diversity of people who community garden and show the common thread that brings together love of the land, fresh food, and neighbors."
Charlie Nardozzi, National Gardening Association

As people in our world search for community and connections to the land, the stories of Patchwork reflect on the ways in which culture is created and passed down through the medium of gardening. In the words of garden educator Joseph Kiefer, "We all carry our stories but rarely have a chance to share them with anyone who really cares to listen. This book was impossible to put down; it pulled me in like a spring rain on newly planted seeds. Patchwork provides a mirror for the diversity of this garden planet.

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Vital Results Through Service-Learning
Vital Results$16.95 + $5.45 s/h USD • 8 x 10”, 112 pages (pbk)
• ISBN 0-9713583-1-1

A highly engaging narrative style compendium of research conducted at schools deeply involved in service-learning, includes research done by the University of Vermont, in partnership with Community Works Institute. The publication provides hands on examples of service-learning along with a summary valuable to anyone concerned with expanding and deepening the role and impact of service-learning.

• "Practicing Community" comprises firsthand stories, narratives, photographs and interviews with students, educators and community members who have been involved in service-learning at these schools.

• "Impacts" looks at student learning, staff and administrator learning, and school culture, examining through participants' own words how they feel these strategies have affected themselves and their schools.

• "What Works" summarizes the practices and characteristics of schools that have been successful in integrating service-learning and community-based education into their schools.

At a time when the need to develop civic and social responsibility in our youth has never been greater, Vital Results provides both strategies and evidence that students involved in service-learning can make a difference in their schools and their communities.
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gazetteA Learning Experience: The Guilford Gazette [DVD 27 min.]
A vivid way to introduce students, faculty, board members, or community members to the learning and community building possibilities inherent to service-learning.

The powerful themes of learning and achievement explored here move well beyond the details of putting a community newspaper together. This moving documentary focuses on a series of poignant interviews describing how a student-published community newspaper (now in it's 15th year) has affected the adolescent students and the faculty advisors who create it, and the townspeople who look forward to each issue. The film makes a powerful case for the academic and social benefits of service-learning and place based educational experiences. (CWI provides support for publishing with students)
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Produced in partnership with Free Lunch Media

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ON-LINE PUBLICATIONS at no cost (CWI's online magazine for educators and community members)

Site Level Best Practices for Service-Learning [1 page summary*]

Instructional Best Practices for Service-Learning [1 page summary*]

Service-Learning & Assessment Guide: A Field Guide for Teachers
A comprehensive guide for assessing service-learning activities.
[multi-part format allows selective chapters to be accessed]

Linking Service-Learning and the Common Core State Standards: Alignment, Progress, and Obstacles
(published by Education Commission of the States) download full report (pdf)

Archive of Curriculum & Reflection Exemplars: K-16

The Brain: Implications for Teaching and Learning
Aristotle was right when he said, “There is nothing in the intellect that has not been in the senses before.” A classroom teacher explores what recent brain research tells us about learning and teaching.

* Included in Connecting Service Learning to the Curriculum: A Workbook for Teachers and Administrators read more

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