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Summer EAST 2017 begins promptly at 8:30am on Monday, June 19 and ends, following an important culminating activity, promptly at 4:30pm on Friday, June 23. Late arrivals and/or early departures are discouraged out of respect for fellow participants. Please schedule travel plans accordingly.


“You make the five day commitment worth it! I really thought you hit the mix dead on.”
Leitzel Schoen
Service-Learning Director
Westminster School, Atlanta

“Excellent! This has motivated me to get to the next level. Thank you so much for the best professional development I’ve ever had!”
Marc LaVoie, Teacher
American School of Budapest

“Transformative work during the week! I found myself becoming even more determined about the role that service-learning can have in our school.”
Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School
Chicago, Illinois

“I can't over state the importance of this event to my vision and enthusiasm."
Julie Metzler, Director
Community Arts and Service
Kansas City Art Institute

“I believe you touched many hearts and will start movements around the school. This was a very good session. Thank you for giving us the motivation! I now think it’s possible and have the willingness to do so.”
Ana Gabriella Ochoa Arias
American School

“Through teamwork at the Institute, my challenges turned out to be my biggest advances. My enthusiasm for service-learning has grown ten fold. CWI's Institute was beyond my expectations.”
Saidy Godette
Social Studies Teacher (5-8)  
Georgetown Int'l School

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Planning and Collaboration

Renewal and Inspiration

Youth Voice

Social Justice

Sustainable Communities
service learning

CWI Institute video short [3 min.]
Rhonda Mitchell, Elementary Teacher
Trinity School, Atlanta, Georgia

CWI Institute video short [2 min.]
Dan Guardino, AP Science Teacher
Punahou School, Hawaii

CWI Institute video short [2 min.]
Jennifer Sertel, Outreach Director
Roberts College, Istanbul, Turkey

CWI's Summer EAST Institute
Place Based Service-Learning, and Sustainable Communities

June 19-23, 2017 • Burlington, Vermont

"Transformative work! I will use this process
and knowledge to change how our school
gets students involved in their community.
I found myself even more determined about the
role that service-learning can have in our school.”

Vernita Vallez, Principal
Inter-American Magnet School,
Chicago, Illinois

A Professional Learning Lab for K-16 and Community Educators

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"Earliest Bird" Rate and "Program Support Package" available—through DEC 20


We believe that it is crucial to involve our students in intentional efforts to build community at the very local level. We see service-learning as core strategie in a larger effort to connect and involve students in authentic learning experiences centered around real issues and needs in their own local communities. Our work at the Institute focuses on exploring characteristics of sustainable communities, in seeking to intentionally connect students to a sense of place—their place—in ways that will inform their experience with diversity, social action and service. We emphasize student voice as a key component in fully engaging students. We stress real reciprocity—authentic and complimentary relationships—as a core part of the program design process. The Institute is a collaborative learning laboratory that stresses developing a sense of place, creating compelling purpose, and an understanding of sustainability as inherent parts of high quality service-learning experiences.

“Thank you for a truly unforgettable week. I am so excited about the direction we are headed as a school and really appreciate your support and encouragement. We met with the Leadership Team for our school today and they are all on board!”
Erin Molitoris,
Christ Presbyterian Academy
Nashville, Tennessee


cuhkOur work at The Institute is guided and facilitated by CWI's founder and international service-learning expert Joe Brooks—a veteran teacher—who for three decades has inspired educators from around the world to involve students in powerful place based service-learning experiences. Joe brings great passion and deep experience with place based service-learning. We work with field tested best practices and principles of sustainability that support the goal of engaging your students in academically based service that contributes to building sustainable communities. We emphasize both instructional and site level best practices that support the nuts and bolts of design, with long term program thinking.

“I had the privilege of working closely with Joe at CWI's Institute and was impressed with his diverse experience working towards social justice through place-based service-learning, community building and sustainability. For a veteran educator, with twenty-five years in the independent school setting, it is rare for me to be challenged to go deeper in my thinking and Joe is a master at doing this, all in his warm, flexible way."
Darcy Ellsworth Yow, Director of Service Learning
Marin Country Day School
Corte Madera, California

Our Areas of Focus Include

Best Practice Based Service-Learning • Getting to Real Reciprocity • Student Voice
Sustainable Communities • Local Culture and History • Diversity and Service
Interdisciplinary Studies • Meaningful Reflection • Community Ethnography as Service
K-16 Partnerships • Gardens and Nutrition • Community Based Art • Social Justice
Creating Faculty, Student, and Parent Buy-In • Building a Long Term Thriving Program

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lakeCWI's Summer EAST Institute is set amid the breathtaking landscape of northern Vermont, and for more than two decades has been a premier international professional development event. Summer EAST takes place at Rock Point Center, on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. Our location provides us with an ideal retreat like setting. Burlington itself is consistently ranked as one of the most progressive and sustainable cities in the United States, possessing a rich tapestry of progressive institutions and programs, grounded in the down to earth atmosphere that is Vermont. learn more

service learningEach year, our Summer EAST Institute participants include a highly diverse group of K-16 teachers, administrators, from schools large and small—independent and public—along with community based educators and program leaders—from across the U.S. and around the world. The Institute is appropriate for both veterans and "beginners". In addition to expert training, the Institute provides a rich collegial environment for collaboration and the synergy of ideas and experience from the wealth of vision, talent, and experience represented by our participants.

I can't over state the importance of this event to my vision and enthusiasm."
Julie Metzler, Director of Community Arts and Service
Kansas City Art Institute


CWI's Summer Institutes are extremely effective for school and community based teams. Our participants use the week's learning, tools, and retreat like setting, to maximize opportunities for creating school or program wide buy-in and long term success. special team rates.

"Through teamwork at the Institute, my challenges turned out to be my biggest advances. My enthusiasm for service-learning has grown ten fold.
CWI's Institute was beyond my expectations.”
Saidy Godette, Social Studies Teacher
Georgetown International School


Dive Deep Into the Heart of Learning
service learningJoin us this year for CWI's acclaimed Summer EAST Institute. Spend an intensive and deeply rewarding week immersed in service-learning, sustainability, and place-based education, with inspired educators from across the U.S. and around the world.

"This was the best Institute or conference that I
have ever
attended! I am newly inspired!”
Terry Yamamoto-Edwards, Science Teacher
Punahou School, Hawaii

The Institute deepens practice with expert training within a highly supportive atmosphere—designed to maximize professional learning, growth, and program accomplishment. Participants work with CWI’s framework, which includes best practices for service-learning, with both an instructional and site level support focus.

“I would absolutely recommend CWI’s Institute. I now have a direction to take my program. We are moving from a community service model toward service-learning. I’ve gained confidence that we should move in this direction. The facilitator's understanding was strong, sensible, and practical.”
N. Elijah Sivin, Teacher / Dean of Student Life
Poly Prep School, Brooklyn, New York

The Institute provide a unique opportunity to understand why service-learning works, how it works, and how to use it most effectively with your students. But the Institute is truly much more than that. Join us for a transformative professional learning experience that will reshape the way you view the relationship between learning, teachers, and the community.

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ethnographyStudent voice, reciprocity, and understanding community are necessarily closely linked. Voice leads to engagement and engagement leads to informed discovery. We understand student voice as part of a "continuum," an ongoing process, where while it is essential that students do participate on some level in making thoughtful choices, teachers also face limits of time, comfort, and experience. The same is true of crafting learning experiences in the local community. We remain mindful of this.

Our goal in our work with educators and schools is to set a long term process in motion that is grounded in a shared belief that student voice, reciprocity, and possessing a sense of place hugely deepens student engagement in learning, and in the world around them. This process takes time and practice and is always well worth the effort.

The process of inquiry and discovery, involved in place based education, leads to a deeper understanding of the nature of community itself, in all its forms. This in turn leads to looking at sustainability—uncovering the interconnectedness of people, cultures, place, the natural world, and our own role within that. We use a process that we call "community ethnography" to facilitate students (and teachers) exploring and understanding the place they call home. We begin from a premise that every place is unique and special with a story to tell.
The Institute includes compelling opportunities to practice place based service-learning through community ethnography.
service learningSmall study groups provide participants with an important opportunity to share their key challenges and receive invaluable feedback, suggestions and support from a diverse and invested set of fellow participants. Alumni have traditionally noted this aspect as one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of the Institute. Structured planning and reflection time is provided for individual and group work. Our educator practitioners are believers in knowledge based problem solving. Our shared mission emphasizes crafting student learning experiences that are grounded in the application of knowledge and skills, through service to the community.
Early registration rates are available for individuals and teams. If reimbursement is an issue, payment deferral is an option during the online registration process. Tuition includes all training materials, and lunches. [see current tuition rates] The tuition fee does NOT include lodging. Discounted lodging is available. Graduate credit is optional for an additional fee.


Professional Certificates and Graduate Credit

Professional certificates for 45 hours will be issued upon successful completion of Institute work. Three graduate credits are also available. email for details
We will work with your school or organization to create high impact local professional development sessions, or a site based version of our Summer Institutes. Local faculty training and planning events are customized to fit each individual site's needs. More information is available on CWI professional development opportunities is available here. email CWI

CWI's Summer EAST Institute
A Professional Learning Lab for K-16 and Community Educators

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