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Premium Early Bird & Team Rates This Week!

at a 2019 CWI Summer Institute

CWI Institutes focus on using Place Based Service-Learning to create a pathway to real and compelling opportunities for your students to be local community builders and global citizens. Our collective work at the Institute centers around connecting K-16 academic and social-emotional learning goals with direct learning experiences with people, cultural and social layers, human stories, to deepen understanding of the fabric of the local community. We focus on hands-on academically integrated opportunities for students to learn and practice essential social and emotional skills and attributes like communication, empathy, understanding, and compassion. Understanding direct strategies for "Teaching for Empathy” is a significant focus of CWI Summer Institutes.

Build Your Local School Cohort-Team

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CWI Institutes are an excellent opportunity to build a local cohort of teachers (w/ special registration support).
With one-time support from a generous private funder, School Cohort registrations are designed to help schools launch or continue local teaching cohorts in order to deepen shared faculty buy-in, vision, and “know how”. Special reduced rates are available for 4-8 person school cohorts-teams. Place-holder names may be used when registering, to allow time to recruit your cohort.

Suggested Process for Registering and Building a School Cohort
Participating schools should take advantage of special early bird rates and register now to send a “Cohort” comprised of a core group of faculty to a 2019 CWI Summer Institute (in Burlington, or Los Angeles) CWI Institutes focus on expert training, strategies, and tools through an inspiring collaborative experience with educators from across the U.S. and beyond. The Institute helps each participant and/or local cohort build their own personal ability to focus on and build collaborations and partnerships around a shared teaching practice. Our intentional goal is to support each participant in building local faculty buy-in and the ability to draw other teachers into a shared process over time. We emphasize strategies that create deep faculty, student, and community buy-in, with an eye toward long term success and committment.

Follow-up support from CWI faculty via 3 Skype sessions is included in this process. It is very appropriate to include an older high school or college student in your cohort—and certainly a community partner or parent.

CWI can provide support for your recruitment process. contact us for assistance After the Institute, School Cohorts will further evolve their work locally, with follow up assistance available from CWI.

The Institute is a Professional Learning and Design Lab
CWI Summer Institutes provide a rich collegial environment for professional learning, problem solving with peers, project planning, and inspiring support for your own project or program. Each year, our Institute community of participants includes a highly diverse group of K-16 teachers and administrators, from schools large and small, rural and urban, independent and public, along with community based educators.

Special 2019 Institute registration and PD discounts are available
for members of the following organizations

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We Also Provide Local On-Site Professional Development

We will work with your local school or organization to create high impact local professional development and faculty planning sessions, or a site based version of our Summer Institutes. Local faculty training and planning events are customized to fit each school's unique context and needs. More information on CWI professional development opportunities is available here. email CWI

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Our Partners Include

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