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PLAN AHEAD• BRING YOURSELF or a SCHOOL COHORT in 2019 with scholarship support
CWI's 2019 Summer EAST and WEST Institutes
on Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability

CWI's 2019 Summer EAST
Institute on Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability,
JUNE 24-28, 2019

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CWI's 2019 Summer WEST
Institute on Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability

JULY 22-26, 2019
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Connect your academic and social goals with compelling student centered and community focused projects that deepen skills and learning.

Teaching for Empathy CWI Institutes are about connecting academic and social-emotional goals with compelling student-centered learning projects, teaching empathy through community focused experiences. Expert training, experienced guidance and support, with inspired collaboration.

The Institute is an Opportunity to build a cohort of teachers at your school, focused on creating hands-on opportunities for students to learn and practice essential social and emotional skills like empathy, understanding, and compassion. Place Based Service-Learning provides a pathway to design real and compelling opportunities for your students to be community builders.

Our design process encourages reciprocity, academic integrity, and student voice.
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Veteran high school educator Mary Whalen sees Place Based Service-Learning as an inherently optimistic pursuit that is deeply rooted in student voice and building community.

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CWI Summer Institute alum Matthew Budd, a K-12 educator from Brooklyn, New York thinks schools and students should be using their power to contribute to their local community.

An interview with CWI Summer Institute alumna Lisa Derrington
an elementary educator from Silicon Valley, California.

We Provide On-Site Support for K-16 Schools
service learningWe provide on-site support at local schools, across the U.S., and internationally. We will work with your faculty, using your own local context to design compelling learning opportunities focused on the local community. All of our site based PD options are customizable and include highly engaging faculty training and guided planning. We offer flexible options, including one-day, multi-day, and week or longer residency formats. Our goal is to support your own vision, working with your faculty to uncover and discover local opportunities to achieve that. We promote development of a shared faculty vision that includes strategies for sharing and critiquing teaching practice. Student and parent sessions are also an option. Contact us with your situation and needs. learn more l testimonials l email us

CWI offers on-site PD and consulting discounts
for members of our partner organizations
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VOICES of the INSTITUTE SERIES: Conversations with K-16 Educators on "What Matters Most"
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CWI Summer Institute alum Shia Pina, Humanities Teacher
from The Gordon School, Providence, Rhode Island. more from "voices of the institute" series

COMMUNITY WORKS JOURNAL—Digital Magazine for Educators
community works journalWe've published our digital magazine Community Works Journal since 1995, in support of educational practices and programs that build community through academically integrated curriculum. We focus on Place Based Education, Service-Learning, Sustainability and teaching practices that build community. The Journal features educator written articles, essays, andreflections, along with curriculum overviews that highlight the importance of place, service, and communityto a relevant and meaningful education. We stand for a shared belief in an educational process that is centered on empowering students as active learners and citizens in their community.We welcome unsolicited articles. submission guidelines l subscribe l community works journal
service learningCommonLore, Digging Deep Into Community
CommonLore is available for K-16 schools as an innovative K-16 professional training and support process. Learn to design compelling curriculum experiences that are centered on the people, issues, and culture of your own local community. CommonLore supports teachers in working with students to discover and share their local community's past, explore its present, while becoming local advocates and visionaries for the future. At its core, CommonLore is about connecting people in local communities, emphasizing building bridges of understanding through student projects. Join us in creating authentic student centered learning with compelling social purpose. learn more l contact us

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