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hong kongCWI's 2018 Summer EAST and WEST Institutes
on Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability
Los Angeles and Burlington, Vermont
CWI's Summer Institutes on Place Based Service-Learning are a unique opportunity for expert training, experienced guidance, and deeply supportive collaboration among inspired peers. Create academically rigorous service focused curriculum that connects your academic and social goals with compelling student centered community projects. Learn techniques for exploring your own community's unique characteristics of people, culture and place. Our focus is on designing service-learning programs that encourage reciprocity, empathy, and student voice. Join inspired educators from across the U.S. and beyond at the Institute for a week of deeply fulfilling work. learn more l special early bird rates l register now
service learningDiscovering Learning Opportunities in the Local Community
It's been a powerful year of work with K-16 educators and schools across the U.S. and beyond. Our inaugural CWI-Korean Institute in Seoul was a great success with our partners at the Korean International School (KIS). Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, at subscribeCWI's Summer WEST Institute, educator participants worked in the streets ofLA'srapidly changing and gentrifying downtown, practicing their new Collaborative Ethnography skills—aimed atunderstanding how to explore local communities. Our educators did similar work at CWI's Summer EAST Institute, in Winooski, Vermont, a former mill town with a story to unfold, including its recent role as a primary refugee resettlement location. Each community is comprised of a multitude of layers, hidden and seen. Our approach supports local teachers as they work with their students to discover and tell the stories that matter. learn more l subscribe to cwi's e-news
service learning
service learningWe Provide On-Site Support for Schools
We will provide direct support, on-site at your school, using your own local context to create deeper compelling learning opportunities. Our work with K-16 schools involves developing strong approaches to place based service-learning and sustainability. Site based options include highly interactive faculty training and planning events, in one or multi-day formats. Learn how we can support your school right in your community, including working with your faculty to uncover and discover local opportunities. CWI professional development sessions are designed to meet your school where you live to develop a shared faculty vision, framework, and practice. Student and parent sessions are also an important option in creating wider school and community buy-in. Contact us with your story. We can help. learn more l testimonials l email us
service learningCWI Brings Place Based Service-Learning to Korea
CWI recently completed a lengthy site visit providing professional development support to the Korean International School (KIS) in Seoul. KIS an elite school by any standard, has made a commitment to integrating place based service-learning within its curriculum K-12. CWI's director and lead outreach educator Joe Brooks worked closely with faculty, students and parents at KIS on the school's new K-12 initiative. His starting point, as always, was to understand the hopes and vision of faculty, students and parents. Joe's work with the faculty at KIS included providing on-to-one coaching, consulting, and professional development, with a weekend long CWI Institute on Place Based Service-Learning for faculty culminating the visit. bring a CWI training to your school
service learningCommonLore is Digging Deep Into Community
An innovative K-16 professional training program in academically based community inquiry is now available for teachers and schools. Learn to design compelling curriculum experiences, centered on the people, issues, and culture of your local community. CommonLore supports teachers in working with students in discovering and sharing their community's past, exploring its present, while becoming local advocates and visionaries for the future. At its core, CommonLore is about connecting people in local communities. We provide schools with expert training, inspiration, and hands-on support in creating locally focused curriculum. Join us in creating authentic student centered learning with compelling social purpose. learn more l contact us
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CWI's Blog is a great resource for Place Based Service-Learning and Sustainability as practiced by teachers in the field. You will also find state of the art curriculum resources and inspiration models and program exemplars. Keep up to date on events, articles, and information from CWI and our partners.

CWI's Voices of Educators Series
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Trinity School, Atlanta, Georgia

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